Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grocery List: White Cat Corn

One of my absolute favorite foods is popcorn. I love the way it smells while it's popping, I love the crunch, and the buttery/salty taste, and I love all the memories associated with it (i.e. going to the movies with my parents when I was little, back when I still thought that the movie theater was the most exciting place in the world). In fact, it's near impossible for me to sit through a movie without a big bowl of popcorn on my lap--all of my friends and prior movie dates know that, without fail, I'll always come back from the concession stand balancing the biggest tub of popcorn they have.

Because of this little popcorn habit of mine, I happen to know a lot about the stuff. For example, the best movie theater popcorn in New York is at the Film Forum (no butter, loads of sea salt). A good runner up is the Angelika. And then, of course, Regal movie theaters are way better than Loews. Wow. I probably shouldn't admit to knowing this kind of thing on a public forum. But there you go. And when it comes to making my own at home, which I always, always do on stovetop (no way am I going near one of those chemical-laden microwave bags), my corn of choice is White Cat. The company was founded in 1977 by a popcorn lover and named after a family cat who loved playing in their cornfields. It's light and fresh and pops better than any other brand I've come across. Seems silly, but you can really taste the difference from a mass-market brand like Orville Redenbacher. Plus it comes in the pretty glass jar above. And if you're looking for the best way to pop popcorn, click here for a post I did on the very subject some time ago. Order yourself a jar of White Cat HERE and let me know what you think. Picture by Mark Iantosca. xo