Monday, August 26, 2013

Vive la France!

Fell in love with this baby goat in Nantes. I was very, very, very sad to leave him.

Well, I made it back to NYC a couple of weeks ago, and it's been quite a doozy trying to recover from jetlag from two months spent in Europe, catch up on work, and see all the lovely, amazing friends I missed so much while I was away. I've also been decorating and furnishing a new apartment in Williamsburg and working on an exciting project along the way (more on that soon!).

But, I'm back in this space (I've missed this little blog A LOT over the last few weeks), and trying to get back on a regular posting schedule. And what better to start with than an epic trip to France (we hit Ancenis, Nantes, and Paris in about a week) taken with my epicly cute boyfriend last month. We stayed in some pretty amazing places (an old 18th century chateau, a 19th century Chapel, and my home away from home in Paris, the wonderful Fouquet's Barriere). A tout a l'heure! xo

Deserted party street in Ancenis

Gorgeous, lounging cat

Kegan and me, all dressed up for a wedding

The windows at Saint Chappelle are beyond beautiful

Typical Paris

My favorite place to stay in Paris, the Fouquet's Barriere, right on the Champs Elysee

The only problem: the Fouquet's beds are so comfortable, it's hard to get out and about

.....and so are the big, fluffy robes

....and so is the cool, air-conditioned lobby (key when you're visiting in the sweltering summer)

One of my favorite girls in Paris, located outside the Musee Carnavalet

Requisite shot--sparkly Eiffel Tower