Monday, August 26, 2013

Vive la France!

Fell in love with this baby goat in Nantes. I was very, very, very sad to leave him.

Well, I made it back to NYC a couple of weeks ago, and it's been quite a doozy trying to recover from jetlag from two months spent in Europe, catch up on work, and see all the lovely, amazing friends I missed so much while I was away. I've also been decorating and furnishing a new apartment in Williamsburg and working on an exciting project along the way (more on that soon!).

But, I'm back in this space (I've missed this little blog A LOT over the last few weeks), and trying to get back on a regular posting schedule. And what better to start with than an epic trip to France (we hit Ancenis, Nantes, and Paris in about a week) taken with my epicly cute boyfriend last month. We stayed in some pretty amazing places (an old 18th century chateau, a 19th century Chapel, and my home away from home in Paris, the wonderful Fouquet's Barriere). A tout a l'heure! xo

Deserted party street in Ancenis

Gorgeous, lounging cat

Kegan and me, all dressed up for a wedding

The windows at Saint Chappelle are beyond beautiful

Typical Paris

My favorite place to stay in Paris, the Fouquet's Barriere, right on the Champs Elysee

The only problem: the Fouquet's beds are so comfortable, it's hard to get out and about

.....and so are the big, fluffy robes

....and so is the cool, air-conditioned lobby (key when you're visiting in the sweltering summer)

One of my favorite girls in Paris, located outside the Musee Carnavalet

Requisite shot--sparkly Eiffel Tower


  1. It's great seeing some photos of your time spent in France and to hear that you had such a wonderful time! It's definitely one of those countries I want to visit again, now that I'm older and a little bit wiser, but for now, it's on the back burner behind finishing up school. Can't wait to hear more about what you're getting up to now that you're back from your travels xx


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