Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Were Gonna Live It Out

Thirteen days 'til spring. At this point, I'm seriously counting down. To me, spring always feels a little more like a fresh start than January 1st. For one thing, if the weather cooperates (fingers crossed), you get to toss the endless pairs of black tights you've worn every single day for 5+ months. That, alone, is reason enough to celebrate. Secondly, spring produce starts sprouting up at the farmers' markets, and suddenly things like asparagus appear again in your kitchen arsenal. And last but not least, a general feeling of hopefulness tends to permeate the city, making it's way into everything you do, from a walk to the corner bodega sans coat, to the first al fresco meal you take with friends. Everywhere you look, everyone has a special little bounce in their step, even the cool, apathetic New Yorkers here. It's time to shed the cold-weather layers, the winter weight. It's time to lighten up, to start over; time for a fresh perspective and new adventures. It's time to get going again. xo

I'm wearing an Elizabeth & James dress, APC fur jacket, Chanel bag. All pictures by Mark Iantosca.