Friday, November 2, 2012

Relocating to Brooklyn

Mast Brothers Chocolate (111 North 3rd Street)

Since I relocated to a friend's Brooklyn apartment this week, I've been doing a lot of exploring. My office is currently still out of power, so all of us have been working from our various homes and/or friends' couches. The positive thing in all this is that I have a totally new appreciation for Williamsburg. Here are some of my favorite discoveries of my week as a Brooklyn refugee.

The Blue Stove (415 Graham Avenue): best pies ever

Catbird (219 Bedford Avenue): one of my favorite jewelry stores

Beer Street (413 Graham Avenue): lots of great beers and these amazing caramels

Kula Yoga Project (85 North 3rd Street): a friendly Brooklynite led me here after breakfast at Marlow & Sons when I was desperate for a yoga class

Finally got to check out Gwynnett Street (312 Graham Avenue). They name their dishes poetic things like Autumn Roots and cook with tobacco oil and ash. So, so good.


  1. I love Mast Brothers! I spent a day in the factory learning to make chocolate and it was really interesting. I definitely have a new appreciation for chocolate... as if I weren't obsessed with chocolate enough already!

  2. Great post and way to make the best of this crazy week that has had so many displaced due to super storm sandy. Thank you for sharing your amazing Brooklyn finds with all and we hope you will be able to return to your home soon!

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