Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I want to say thank you to everyone who has so sweetly and thoughtfully reached out to me to make sure I'm okay in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath. I'm still a bit in shock about the whole thing. Never, in my wildest imaginings, did I ever think it would be this bad. I don't think anyone did.

My Financial District apartment lost power really early on during the hurricane, so I hung out reading by candlelight until I was sleepy enough to go to bed. I assumed that when I woke up, the power would be back on and things would be on their way back to normal. Not so much. The next morning, everything was still down, both my iPhone and my Blackberry were dead with no way to charge them, and there was no food or anything open anywhere around me. I ventured out, phone and charger in hand, hoping to find somewhere that had a generator. Finally, after about an hour, I stumbled upon a little motel with two outlets that were working with a line of people behind them waiting to charge. After waiting another hour, I finally plugged in only to find that I wasn't getting service anywhere. With no way to get in touch with any of my friends, I had no choice but to pack a bag and try to hail a cab uptown to see if there was availability in any hotels. I was in the midst of throwing stuff into an overnight bag when a friend in Brooklyn finally got through to me. By that time, I was very hungry, cold, exhausted, and just trying to stay calm. I've been in Brooklyn ever since, crashing at a friend's apartment, and I've never felt more grateful for having good friends in my life.

I took a drive through Manhattan last night and it was one of the eeriest experiences of my life. My prayers go out to everyone affected. I made a donation to the Red Cross here today. Hope everyone is doing well and being safe. xo


  1. glad to hear you're ok. what a story! keep us updated!

  2. Glad you are ok! Things like this bring out the best in people.


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