Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Bits

Welcome back to reality, everyone. I spent a pretty blissful 5 days and 4 nights out in Montauk for Labor Day weekend soaking in the last rays of sun and moments of peace before the madness of fashion week (which starts right This time of year always feels like such a transition for me--as the nights get cooler and the days shift into shorter, more clipped versions of their summer selves, I'm reminded that nothing ever stays the same and--to bring in a tired, old cliche--the only constant is change.

When the seasons change, there's always a shot of nostalgia for past years, and then a twinge of anxiety about what's to come, but it's important to not be afraid to shift. Our thoughts, our moods, our goals, and our relationships are all designed to be changeable because they're meant to grow. And that's not something to be afraid of, it's something to be excited for. Stay inside yourself (to quote my favorite man of all time, Coach Taylor), stay centered, and stand up tall and well. Move forward with grace. Happy (unofficial) fall. xo