Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want to Get From Here to There

I scooped up this Rag & Bone knit in the early days of spring (must've been around April)--the fuzzy, slightly weird fabric reminded me a little of a bathmat and I inexplicably loved it at first sight. Back then, I never thought I'd say this but I am officially done with spring/summer shopping--done with the surf trend (until next year, that is), done with maxi dresses, done with all of it. I'm spring-fashioned out. And now, with absolutely no downtime, I've smoothly transitioned into my fall wishlist, which includes: just about every piece in Isabel Marant's collection (no surprise there), some Pierre Hardy suede lace-up booties, a perfect black coat, lots of big, cozy sweaters a la Gwyneth Paltrow in A Perfect Murder (90s Gwyneth never steers you wrong in terms of style inspiration), a few new Equipment button-downs, and some soft cashmere scarves to throw on every day. What's on your fall shopping lists?

I'm wearing a Rag & Bone knit top, Aristocrat jeans, Chanel bag, and moveslightly bracelets. All photos by Mark Iantosca. xo


  1. Cute look! I love R&B and this knit top looks fantastic.

  2. I love everything you're wearing here! The mish mash of colours are amazing!

  3. I love the bright colors and the texture of the top! Very fun.

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