Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello Again Friend of a Friend

This has been quite an eventful week--my friends Peter and Lauren had their beautiful engagement party, our company CA Creative has a brand-new website as of this morning, my second draft of an introduction for what will hopefully be a cookbook sometime in the near future is really close to being done, and I finally saw the new Picasso exhibit at the Gagosian (which, by the way, was about as perfect as exhibits get--romantic and moving and just out-and-out flawless). In fact, it's been a busy month in general, and as exciting as that is, I'm looking forward to next weekend when I'll be on a nighttime bus to Montauk for a long weekend of complete relaxation sans Blackberry.

One of the best things about Montauk is the uniform (or lack thereof), which consists of nothing more than what I'm wearing in the pics above--a casual tee, a perfect pair of shorts, and a big backpack to bring to the beach. Here comes the sun. Hopefully.

I'm wearing an Isabel Marant shirt, Siwy shorts, Proenza Schouler belt, Guiseppe Zannotti shoes, and bracelets made by my friends Elizabeth Monson and Mark Iantosca. All pictures taken by Mark Iantosca (he's a multi-talented guy). xo


  1. Congratulations, Carol - how very exciting!

    I think I carried a similar bag in junior hs, I may need to unearth it, love. :)

    Here's to great new beginnings!

  2. Congrats on almost finishing the cookbook, what a great accomplishment. Hope you have a great time on your getaway and LOVE the bracelets.