Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Saw the Sky in You

This week, much like the two before it, has been capital-everything CRAZY. Between juggling non-stop meetings, new projects, birthday parties, dinner dates, and work events, I've had to resort to attempted (and failed) meditation and deep-breathing to keep myself calm. I never have been very good at that whole enlightenment thing--the one where you say "om" and suddenly see god and the light and the keys to the universe? Never happens for me. I'd much rather cook. Or shop. Or, you know, start random, pointless arguments with my mother. Sigh.

Something that did relax me a bit? Pulling on this super fuzzy, over-sized Alex Wang sweater over a sparkly brocade skirt and pairing it with a bright red bag that looked like luggage. Basically I went to dinner dressed like a dotty old lady. Sometimes, all you need is some gold and glitz and a slick of cherry red lipstick to make it through one of THOSE weeks.

I'm wearing an Alexander Wang sweater, Derek Lam skirt, Brian Atwood shoes, Louis Vuitton bag, NARS lipstick. All photos by Mark Iantosca. xo