Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Land on the Heart With His Feet Up

After 17 hours of travel, six of which were spent stuck in the Pittsburgh airport because of weather issues during a flight that was supposed to be nonstop, I am FINALLY back home in NYC. I've never been more relieved to step through my front door than I was just a few minutes ago.

The entire time I was cooped up in that plane, I kept on thinking about how I would probably be going stark raving mad if I hadn't dressed comfortably for the trip. I hate it when I see people dressed like total slobs at the airport just as much as the next person, but I have to admit, those Juicy Couture track suits can bring on the occasional bout of envy when I'm traipsing through baggage claim in a silk dress and heels after endless hours on a plane. This time, I struck a healthy balance and wore the exact ensemble I'm wearing in the photos above (with flats instead of the now-ubiquitous JC heels). There's nothing like being in an oversized flannel button-down and tights to make your travels go down a bit more smoothly.

I'm wearing a Kimberly Ovitz shirt, Club Monaco tights, Jeffrey Campbell shoes. All photos by Mark Iantosca. xoxo