Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heart Beating Like a Hammer

I'm off to the airport to head back to NYC today--but first, a big family brunch and this blog post. These pictures were taken last week when the weather was a bit warmer than it apparently is now (remember that weird pre-Thanksgiving spurt of springtime?). But still, the Madeleine Thompson dress I'm wearing is cashmere and ankle-skimming, providing more warmth than expected, and the vintage fox fur vest is so thick and luxurious that it may as well be electronically heated. All I'd really need to add to make it weather-appropriate for right now would be a pair of long, knit, fingerless gloves to cover up my arms.

I'm facing the figurative guillotine as soon as I get off the plane in New York--armloads of work to do for all of our amazing clients at CA Creative (the digital consulting agency I started with my business partner/best friend Alexandra Weiss), press deadlines to meet, and one eager puppy to catch up with, along with nightly holiday events to attend, but I'm oddly excited for it all--none of the usual sense of foreboding that comes along with a to-do list that could span the length of Manhattan. There's only so much lounging one can do, after all. See you in NY!

I'm wearing a Madeleine Thompson dress, vintage fox fur vest, Topshop hat, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Alexander Wang Diego bag. All photos by the talented Mark Iantosca. xoxo


  1. your bag is incredible.. its such a great take on the original a wang design with the studs... youll have that forever

  2. You look awesome and those pictures turned out GREAT.
    xoxo Heather

  3. I love the vest! do you remember where you got it?

    also, I'm not sure if you remember, but I was an intern at StyleCaster (in Business Development though haha) for a bit, earlier this year, I met you because we're both from HI. your posts about the airport are hilarious, way too true about the babies thing.

    I'm glad I saw your blog! x

  4. Oh Carol, It seems like you lead a very fabulous life. Where do I sign up ;)

  5. Awww thanks guys! I think I got the vest at What Goes Around Comes Around about 8 years ago!

    And Phelanie--of course I remember you! Hope you're well. xo


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