Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Dressing

I love holiday dressing more than any other kind because you have an automatic no-holds-barred excuse to get decked out in your festive best. What else are you going to ring in a whole new year wearing? That means picking out pieces that are really special, whether it's because of some exquisite lace detail (ahem, Givenchy #5), a bright lipstick red shade you would normally shy away from (Marchesa #4), a heavy cluster of shimmering black sequins (Tibi #7), or an all-out sparkly galaxy print (oh, Christopher Kane #3).

Here are some of my current favorites. What are you wearing for the holidays?

1. Gucci draped matte-jersey strapless gown, $2,800, at
2. Alexander Wang cross-over draped dress, $785, at
3. Christopher Kane galaxy dress, $1,470, at
4. Notte by Marchesa big ruffle cocktail dress, $660, at
5. Givenchy black leather dress, $4,770, at
6. Rag & Bone Edita dress, $495, at
7. Tibi sequin silk dress $995, at
8. Julien MacDonald lace detailed silk chiffon dress, $4,395, at
9. Rick Owens tulle-insert jersey dress, $350, at


  1. I'm a little sad that there's no equally gorgeous holiday dress that's well under $100. :(

    Man, I am craving for that Alexander Wang dress!

    Patricia Ann

  2. like that galaxy dress!

  3. I think the Notte by Marchesa dress is incredible for the holidays, it's so atypical. I really like your picks!

  4. I need ALL of them! They are all so epic in their own little way! Great post :)

    Alexa Rae<3


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