Thursday, December 23, 2010

Come on Baby Play Me Something

I love dressing up in my most dressed-down, cool, comfortable pieces during the winter. When it's cold outside, I don't want to be wearing anything but a slouchy sweatshirt anyway. And I think pairing it with this super soft burned-out velvet Charlotte Ronson skirt gives it a bit more cred. Believe me, I've worn the sweatshirt above to dinners, friend's birthday parties, crazy late nights out at the Jane, Le Bain, Kenmare, etc. and it always makes the night a little more fun (for me, at least). I mean, seriously, who can really have fun wearing something skintight and mini anyway? Plus, 9 times out of 10, the aforementioned skintight/mini thing will make you look like you're trying too hard. Something that's not remotely possible if you go out on the town wearing a baggy grey sweatshirt. These are all the arguments that run through my head on any given night. And they usually win.

Remember the nights of dressing up in a "going out top" and cute jeans? Har. Memories. (College memories, to be exact. Those nights came to an abrupt, very timely death as soon as I set foot into NYC. I was trying not to do the city a sartorial disservice.)

I'm wearing an American Apparel sweatshirt, Charlotte Ronson skirt, Chanel bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes. All photos by Mark Iantosca. xo


  1. This is great. I love the mixture of texture, and chicness, even when just wearing a sweatshirt!

  2. Love the outfit. So casual and relaxed. Slouchy tops are the best.

  3. man, I love those litas! Gorgeous outfit :)

  4. I so love your outfit, and especially your bag :)

  5. Great outfit Love your combination with the Chanel and JC's :))


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