Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Can See All Your Moves Are New

It's the official first day of fall today. Do you ever get a feeling that something great is about to happen; that you're just waiting, on the brink of some key moment, a turning point that you will look back on years from now and remember as a point of consequence, a brief flash of time that happened to carry some unforeseen weight. Sounds weird, I know, but every once in a while I get some kind of intuitive feeling of expectation and it's never been wrong. I have it now.

The boy expressed a bit of sadness that summer was over via text last night and my instant response was, "Fall is going to be great, I can tell." And it's true. In more ways than one. September is a fresh start for all of us--it's time to take the reins on all of the things we want, all the secret little thoughts and hopes, and start making them happen. There's nothing that's out of reach and that's an irrevocable fact--as long as you don't talk yourself out of believing it, of course. :)

I love the weather in New York right now--it's just chilly enough to start putting on the layers and adding things like socks and gloves and hats to my ensembles, but not so cold that I'm reluctant to go outside at all. I'm wearing: Alexander Wang shorts (skort?), Charlotte Ronson tee, Joie jacket, Topshop hat, Madewell socks, Jessica Simpson shoes. Happy fall. xo

All photos by my amazing friend and photographer, Mark Iantosca.


  1. Those shoes are to die for! And I definitely agree with the feeling. Fall is going to be amazing!!!

  2. Happy fall to you too! I love your outfit (as always). And I found your post very inspirational, thank you.

  3. Can't wait until I can start wearing hats like yours.

    I've been having that feeling of being on the brink of something too. Maybe it's just the change of seasons, or maybe big things really are happening for us!

  4. you look great!!


  5. this look is awesome! I love how your hair looks so healthy ^^


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