Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kess Agency Launch Party


Matt Kliegman and Greg K.

Court Williams and Kimberly Steward

Blue Logan

The MisShapes

Me and Steven Rojas

Alex Weiss, Steven Rojas, Tommy Saleh and I

Alexis Page

Timo Weiland

Jeremy Kost and Geordon Nicol

Maia Wojcik and Ben Barna

Matt Kays and Cory Kennedy

Josh Otten, Kristian Laliberte, Matt Kays and Mark Holcomb

Sophia Lamar

Sky Ferreira

Last night, my business partner/bestie, Alexandra Weiss, and I produced the launch party for Kess Agency,  a brand new stylist's agency for hair and make-up artists, photographers and fashion stylists. We held it at The Glass Houses, a gorgeous space on the 21st floor of a building in Chelsea made entirely of concrete floors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. It was an amazing night full of good music (by The MisShapes), good food (by The Smile), and good friends (see pics above). The party went on for a good hour after it was supposed to end, and even after that, it was hard to get people to leave--the ultimate sign of a good party.

A bunch of us headed to Le Bain late-night for even more champers and cigarettes (bad, I know) and now, after a full day of proposal-writing, blogging, and meetings, I am seriously exhausted. Time to wash my face, brush my teeth, put on The Blind Side and get some much-needed sleep for pretty much the first time this week.

All photos by Zac Sebastian.


  1. So glad your party was a success. These are great pictures.

  2. Hey FYI you confused Greg K and Geordon Nicol.

  3. Oops, thanks for the heads up Frankie!


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