Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who Put These Bodies Between Us

I'm not generally a vest-wearing type of girl, but there's something about this one by Barlow that I absolutely love. Maybe it's the white snakeskin or the cut-out back or the way it cuts across the waist diagonally, making for a rather flattering silhouette. Whatever it is, I adore it, and every time I wear it, I end up getting loads of compliments. I mean, who wouldn't love a white snakeskin cut-out vest? The tank underneath is Kain and the little black silk shorts are Kimberly Taylor.

I've been busy today planning a party for a brand new stylist's agency called Kess Agency--we're having an event for them on the 21st floor of the Chelsea Art Tower (otherwise known as the Glass Houses). It's a gorgeous stark space with cement block floors and walls made entirely of glass, complete with a sprawling glass outdoor terrace. The MisShapes are DJing and one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, The Smile, is doing the food. I'll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow--til then, I'll be arranging flowers and furniture and trying to keep myself out of the kitchen and my fingers out of the food.

Photographs by Mark Iantosca--check out his amazing photo blog here. xo


  1. This is a great look! Have a great time at your party!!

  2. your hair is SO beautiful! im jealous! i want mine to be long... grow hair! cute vest. i dont normally wear them either but this ones really cute!
    xx. alyssa