Monday, March 10, 2014

Mexico City and Cuernavaca

Just got back from the most amazing trip to Mexico City and Cuernavaca where a couple of dear friends were getting married. We spent our first six days in Mexico City where we ran rampant eating every street taco/flauta/gordita we could get our hands on (don't listen to the people who tell you to avoid the street food--it's crazy good). We then made our way to a resort town called Cuernavaca for the wedding where everyone stayed in a gorgeous, sprawling hacienda from the 1500s. Here are some of my favorite moments (besides the actual wedding, wherein I apparently forgot how to focus a camera), and a short list of must-go places. xo

1. Mercado San Juan: big outdoor street market open on the weekends where the food options are seemingly endless. So, so good.
2. Quintonil: really good higher-end Mexican restaurant by a chef who did time at Pujol and NOMA
3. Azul Condesa: had the best chilaquiles here
4. San Angel Inn: in the neighborhood of San Angel in a very beautiful, old hacienda with great food
5. El Bajio: Yummy traditional Mexican breakfasts. The owner is famous for being one of Mexico's most-loved female chefs.
6. Contramar: The best shrimp tacos I've ever had.
7. Dulce Patria: Delicious, sophisticated Mexican food by award-winning chef Martha Ortiz
8. Museo Soumaya: A stunning modern masterpiece of a museum built just two years ago. Home to a fabulous Impressionist collection as well as one of the largest Rodin collections in the world.
9. Museo de Arte Popular: Comprehensive look at Mexican art and craft housed in a pretty building with an indoor courtyard. Also, a really great gift shop where you can pick up some cool Mexican day of the dead skulls, dolls, and Talavera ceramics.
10. Museo Nacional de Antropología: One of the best anthropology museums in the world, and it's all open-air. This is a must.
11. Las Luchas: Totally campy and ridiculous and hysterically funny. It's like a theatrical, more limber version of WWE.
12. Common People: Called Mexico City's answer to Colette, this special boutique is housed in a 4-story 1940s colonial mansion, which is reason enough to pass through. Lots of Comme de Garcon and Vivienne Westwood, along with wares by local designers. Cool little antiques loft upstairs.
13. Fonart: Authentic Mexican arts and crafts pieces handmade by artisans across Mexico. Many beautiful things to see here.
14. Teotihuacan pyramids: Worth the hour-long day trip outside of DF. You can climb the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Very cool.
15. All the beautiful parks around Condesa, Roma, and Polanco

Side note: I would make it a point to check out Pujol as well, which is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in the area, and one of the first to put Mexico City on the map when it comes to food.


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