Friday, June 28, 2013


Dear readers--I'mmm backkkkkk! I arrived here in Zurich, Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, and took that time to adjust to the time zone, get myself (and little Suz) into some semblance of a rhythm, and figure out all the intricacies of working remotely from here with my NYC office. I'll be here for about another month or so, and I'm so excited to share all my adventures with you. I've been traveling around Switzerland, doing crazy things like jumping out of a plane (which explains the matching flight suits in the pic above), eating my body's weight in chocolate and cheese, and trying to navigate the murky waters of Swiss-German. So far, I've got "Hallo!" down pat. Eep.

Here are some of my favorite Instas of my time here so far. xo

Interlaken--one of the most beautiful places in the world, I'm convinced

These little blue flowers grow wild all over the mountains

Misty mountain path

A summer salad from this cool outdoor beer garden called Frau Gerolds that my new friend Scarlett took me to. Check out her brilliant food blog HERE.

Lake Zurich

Suz does Switzerland

Delicious garden restaurant on the corner of our street--it's called Gartenhof and they grill outside on warm nights. Magical.

Gorgeous Swiss town called Lucerne

Interlaken is pretty much the definition of "embarrassment of riches." You can't walk two feet without tripping over a ridiculously majestic waterfall like this one.

I'm not a sausage person (nor much of a meat person in general), but getting a bratwurst with hot mustard from Sternen Grill is a must. So worth it.

This was pretty much one of the best days ever. Icy cold lake water + blazing hot sun.

Maison Blunt is a really good Moroccan tea house in Zurich--had a fantastic solo brunch there

Swans scare the s*!% out of me, but they are EVERYWHERE in Switzerland so I'm learning to embrace them

Zurich's got some of the best florist game around

The moonlight in Interlaken was golden and crazy and glorious


  1. Looks amazing! Looks like you had an amazing time. I definitely want to visit Switzerland some day! It looks gorgeous and the food looks amazing

  2. This is on my "MUST GO TO" list! Your pictures are beautiful and I must admit I'm slightly jealous! Glad you had a wonderful time and thank you for sharing! Xx

  3. I used to live in Switzerland and it is the most wonderful place, so of course I loved this post!

  4. I have been to Interlaken too! That waterfall really is amazing! And did you go up to see the glacier?

  5. hi sweetpea! i love this post A LOT. and i'm positive we'll continue the action. on friday, for starts, and lots of other occasions. fondue, next time around.
    love s

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