Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekend Bits: Illy Welcome Park

Here are some of my favorite shots (by Mark Iantosca) from the illy Welcome Park at the NYC Wine & Food Festival this weekend, including a perfect cup of illy coffee, Marcus Samuelsson in action, and one of illy's signature bright red machines. Love.

The MonoArabica single origin coffees were a big hit as was the GIVE HAPPilly Coffee Amnesty program, in which illy exchanged old cans of coffee from visitors for brand new MonoArabica tins, and donated all the old, unopened coffee to the Food Bank of New York. Pretty sweet deal for everyone involved. xo


  1. I'd sure want to learn how to do that beautiful peace of art on top of a coffee. It would sure look great after brewing my perth coffee beans.

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