Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Bits

Strung lights at the Crow's Nest

Just got back from a cozy, rainy weekend in Montauk filled with lots of lazy, delicious meals at Bryon at Surf Lodge, Navy Beach, and the Crow's Nest, soaked sprints in the rain, poolside rounds of Uno, and snuggling up in bed and watching movies and bad TV while the rain did it's work outside. The days were mostly wet, but the evenings managed to work themselves out into states of warm, sunny gorgeousness by the time dinner rolled around, which was more than fine by me. Here are some iPhone snaps from the weekend. xo

Paul and I about to head out for dinner

Suz Monster letting us know she had no intention of leaving Sole East's comfy beds. Ever.

The ceiling on the outdoor deck at Surf Lodge

My favorite ice cream: mint and Oreo cookie from John's.
Cutest colorful bowls and table runners from Gansett Lane Home
Gorgeous coffee table book at Gansett Lane
Bevy, Alex, me, and Paul
Magical sunset dinner