Monday, May 21, 2012

Market List

Every time I go to the farmers' market these days, it gets better and better. This Saturday, in particular, I hit a special kind of high that can only be attributed to the sudden appearance of strawberries. Yes, my dear readers, summer strawberries are finally here. I wait all year for this moment, and then promptly buy multiple baskets of the tiny, juicy little orbs to bring home with me and eat in every way possible. If you've ever compared a typical super-sized, out-of-season grocery store strawberry to the freshly picked little guys that farmers offer up starting in May, you know that they may as well be different fruits. The ones you can pick up now are warmed by the sun, sweeter, juicier, and taste distinctly like earth somehow. I ate them alone, with some freshly whipped cream, and baked a whole pound of them into a summer strawberry cake this weekend (recipe coming soon). You can't really go wrong here.

Some other things that are especially good at the markets right now (in photographic order): heirloom radishes, spring asparagus, French breakfast radishes, the aforementioned strawberries, and wintered over broccoli rabe (look for bunches sprouting yellow flowers--they're just prettier and the flowers are a delight to eat). xo