Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Bits

An old Miu Miu necklace that always gets me in the mood for Montauk

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope all of your weekends were fantastic. I did a little bit of everything--went to the greenmarket in search of elusive rhubarb (failed, again), wandered around Chelsea aimlessly, spent a few hours at the wonderful Chris Chase salon getting my hair done with Jenna, made my very first chicken adobo (which is absolutely delicious), and went out for a bit on Saturday night to check out a friend's new bar/restaurant, Randolph Beer (very fun). I also did a thorough cleaning-out of my make-up bag, getting rid of anything that hadn't been used in a few months, and rediscovering some treasures that I love (i.e. the Claudio Riaz blush pictured here and the genius Rodin lip balm). Spring cleaning extends to your cosmetics bag, too. xo

Claudio Riaz blush palette--one of the best blushes I've ever used. At Barneys.

Burned the very last bit of my Astier de Villatte Cambridge candle this weekend--love the scent.

I've got a thing for rabbits--so I picked this little mug up at a store in Brooklyn.

I love everything Rodin makes, including this pretty lip balm.


  1. Love this lip balm! Picked up at Barneys awhile ago and keep one in my bag and one at my desk.

  2. I love all of these. I also love that necklace.

  3. Okay this post made me realize I need to do some serious beauty spring cleaning! And I'm in love with all Rodin products too.


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