Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Bits

An old Miu Miu necklace that always gets me in the mood for Montauk

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope all of your weekends were fantastic. I did a little bit of everything--went to the greenmarket in search of elusive rhubarb (failed, again), wandered around Chelsea aimlessly, spent a few hours at the wonderful Chris Chase salon getting my hair done with Jenna, made my very first chicken adobo (which is absolutely delicious), and went out for a bit on Saturday night to check out a friend's new bar/restaurant, Randolph Beer (very fun). I also did a thorough cleaning-out of my make-up bag, getting rid of anything that hadn't been used in a few months, and rediscovering some treasures that I love (i.e. the Claudio Riaz blush pictured here and the genius Rodin lip balm). Spring cleaning extends to your cosmetics bag, too. xo

Claudio Riaz blush palette--one of the best blushes I've ever used. At Barneys.

Burned the very last bit of my Astier de Villatte Cambridge candle this weekend--love the scent.

I've got a thing for rabbits--so I picked this little mug up at a store in Brooklyn.

I love everything Rodin makes, including this pretty lip balm.