Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photo Diary: Paris Part Two

Precious heart plate at Astier de Villatte on Rue St-Honore--one of my fave stores

Part deux of my Paris pictures. I already miss it--one day my dream of spending a solid two months there, wandering around, taking immersion French, and learning to cook from a Parisian grandmother will come true. xo

All the statues in Paris are beautiful

 Perfect flowers

 Paul and I at a fashion week party--can't remember which one, they're all running together by now

 Carousel in the Tuileries

 When you go to Paris, you must go to Le Stella in the 16th. One of the last-standing family-owned traditional French brasseries with outstanding food.

 The Petit Palais--there was really nothing "petite" about it

 Alex and I having dinner at Liza, an excellent Lebanese restaurant. After days of eating nothing but butter and bread and red meat, it was a refreshing palate cleanser.

 Loved the white neon sign on such an old building


  1. i adore Paris and love your photographic rendition of it... thanks for sharing your fave spots in this amazing city!

    la vie en ardena rose

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