Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Bits

I flew into JFK this morning from Hawaii, and I'm already missing the perfect weather and ample yoga time. I have to say, though, as much of a paradise as home (Hawaii) is, home (NYC) felt pretty good when my taxi pulled into Manhattan after an excruciating run of bumper to bumper traffic and I was finally face to face with the prospect of seeing Suz Monster, my boyfriend, friends, and coworkers again, and catching up on various projects. Vacation is fantastic, but it's especially great when you realize that there are more than a few elements of your real life that are equally as exciting. My last few days in Hawaii were monopolized by lots of beach time, reading, yoga, wandering around my mom's green garden (she could make a tree grow out of ash, I swear), and visiting the grounds of my old alma mater, Punahou. xo

The chapel at Punahou School. It's built on the loveliest lily pond.

Sunsets like this make me think that God may actually exist.

Magic orchids. My mother says that they've been like this for over two months now.

Another plant in my mother's garden.

Landing at JFK during sunrise.

The face I got to come home to.


  1. Such beautiful photos! As a gal who has traveled back and forth from "home" to "home" herself, the experience is very surreal how two seemingly different places can make you feel like you're back where you're supposed to be. Thanks for sharing!

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