Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Home: Pic with a Tip

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm spending the weekend relaxing, working on a second revision of my book proposal, making a roast duck with apples and onions, and finishing up some cool holiday collaborations I'm doing with a couple of brands I love. And my boyfriend's coming home from an extended trip to South America on Sunday (yay), so I'll be cooking up a big Sunday supper (I'm thinking a classic roast chicken, sage stuffing, and haricots verts with bacon and chestnuts for an early Thanksgiving). What are you guys up to?

And back to the subject at hand, today's "Pic with a Tip" comes in the form of chic, shiny objects. According to Deborah Needleman from WSJ, "Like magpies, we are attracted to bright, shiny objects, and for good reason: our homes need them. As our eyes flit around the room, they alight on and are delighted by those bright spots. Especially if your style veers toward the earthy, a bit of sparkle brings a focused sharpness to the look of natural materials and organic shapes." And look how well it works in the pic above. I love the combination of all the little silver trinkets mirrored by the bigger silver boxes. And that chic shagreen surface is just beyond words. So Tip #1: Invest in some shiny trinkets to place strategically around your space. See y'all on Monday. xo


  1. Pottery Barn here I come! They always have the most fancy things haha


  2. Hope your book proposal goes well! (: