Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grocery List: Anchovies

Somewhere along the line, anchovies got a bad rap. Maybe people got them confused with sardines. Or maybe they just didn't like the cheap, super salty ones that would come on the local Pizza Hut delivery if you were so inclined. But the truth is, anchovies are completely and totally indispensable to any kitchen. They are a super ingredient that makes almost anything taste better. I always keep a little jar of good Spanish anchovies in the fridge, and end up reaching for it constantly to deepen the flavor of pastas, salads, sauces, and so on.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy them is with this recipe for Pasta with Anchovies and Arugula, but really, they can be melted into just about any pasta sauce for an extra kick of umami. Another favorite is this hearty recipe for Pork Chops with Tomatoes, Anchovies, and Rosemary. And for something really simple, I love toasting a thick slice of baguette in the oven and layering it with a slab of cold, creamy butter and a single anchovy. Heaven. When you're picking out your jar, make sure you buy the absolute best you can afford. Quality really counts here. xo


  1. I stumbled on your blog accidentally and am (slightly psychotically) working my way through your backlog. Fab recipes + fab fashion = bliss. I am almost as fond of you as I am of anchovies. :-)

  2. Aw, sweetest comment ever. Thanks Habiba-Jane! xx

  3. I love your blog. I've been following it for quite some time but never commented until now. I want to cook when I see your posts but I'm so unbelievably lazy! But one of these days, I'm going to try your recipes.

    And are you Korean?

  4. Thanks Jisu! Yes, I am Korean and love Korean food! It's a goal of mine to learn how to make more of it!

  5. The baguette, butter, and anchovies combo sounds like it would taste good! I don't usually like them because they're a bit salty for me, but I think I might give that a try. (P.S. Definitely post more Korean recipes when you learn them (: )


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