Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grocery List: Cholula Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is one of those things that is omnipresent in my kitchen. Growing up with a Korean mother who happened to be a prolific (and excellent) cook, my taste buds have been trained to withstand and love wildly spicy foods (hello, homemade kimchee). That penchant for heat has stayed with me and I find myself reaching for the nearest bottle of hot sauce more often than you'd expect. I even sprinkled a bit on popcorn once, during an especially weird craving. And you know what? It was good.

My go-to sauce is Cholula, made with a mix of piquin and arbol peppers and then combined with their signature mix of seasonings and pepper pastes. It's level of spice falls neatly in a delicious middle ground--it's got a good amount of kick but won't burn your tongue off--and the flavors are complex and interesting. My fish tacos see a generous amount of this stuff, as does just about any corn recipe I attempt. It's a kitchen must. xo