Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beauty Shop: Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

When it comes to make-up in my daily routine, my lips are severely neglected. I sweep on a pale eyeshadow, lots of eyeliner, a dusting of face powder, and sometimes if I haven't run out of steam, I'll even do a few swipes of mascara. But by the time I get to that stage, I'm bored out of my mind, itching to get out of the bathroom and on with my day, and there's just no way I'm doing anything special with my lips. Or anything at all, for that matter. That's why, I love hunting for super simple lip formulas that will moisturize without being sticky (lip glosses are just about impossible for me to tolerate), protect, and allow me to apply whilst running to the subway in 5-inch heels. In other words, I want fancy Chapstick. Harder to find than you'd imagine.

This Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh meets all of my requirements, and then some. It's a thin, non-sticky formula that has SPF 15 for protection, it feels and smells good (a little lemony), and the new Honey color gives just the subtlest hint of warm, nude, caramel color. You can pick up a tube HERE. Photo by Mark Iantosca. x


  1. This stuff is heaven! I love all the colors, but this one is particularly flattering. :)

  2. I love this stuff. The consistency is exactly what I want in a lip balm - not greasy, but thick enough to feel like it's actually doing something.

  3. Love this product as well! And the sheer pink color is perfect for summer, the berry is perfect for fall. I guess I'll have to try this shade too!

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