Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ferragamo Resort 2012

I wrapped up the day yesterday with a quick trip uptown to the magnificent James B. Duke mansion on 78th and 5th to see the new Ferragamo Resort collection. What a perfect way to end a busy work day. The mansion itself is full of history and absolutely breathtaking (it's hard to believe a single family lived there at one point). And then, of course, there were the clothes. Ferragamo hasn't exactly been known for womenswear, but this collection will surely change that straight away. Set to a soundtrack of old Hollywood songs, the models (including the two KK's, Karlie Kloss and Karolina Kurkova), went slinking down the runway in beautiful ensembles perfectly suited to a summer spent on the French Riviera. On a very big yacht. In other words, they were flawlessly dressed in nautical stripes, breezy evening gowns, and more sequins than you could shake a stick at. It was all very transporting, in the best way possible. A few of my favorite pics above. Backstage pictures by Jen Livingston. xo


  1. Wow many hot looks and I love the evening gowns and the over-sized hats.

  2. Love that gigantic hat and the sexy, Old Hollywood evening dresses.

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