Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Bits

Walking into town through a grassy trail with Matt and Paul. Photo by Alexandra Weiss.

My weekend in Montauk was pretty perfect--we ate lots of little pizzas from Sole East's restaurant, took long naps outside, got a little sunburnt, walked into town for a hangover-curing greasy-spoon breakfast at John's Pancake House, reunited with our old haunt, the Surf Lodge, got introduced to our new favorite place, Ruschmeyer's, slurped down delicious bowls of corn chowder at South Edison, and did a little late-night dancing at the Memory Motel. All the trappings of summer.

How were your weekends? xox

Sole East's peaceful garden. Photo by Alexandra Weiss.

 The glowing red sign for Ruschmeyer's, which just opened this weekend. Cutest new place in Montauk with food done by the Fat Radish boys. Bliss. Photo by Harry Beee.

The flower-lined trail leading to town. Photo by Alexandra Weiss.

Suz Monster tuckered out in the hotel after a full day in the sun. Photo by Alexandra Weiss.

Granola breakfast from Ruschmeyer's. Photo by Harry Beee.

Dancing at Memory. Photo by Alexandra Weiss.