Friday, April 15, 2011

Found: Isabel Marant Shorts

These little shorts have been impossible to find. I've stopped into the Isabel Marant store in SoHo more times than I care to admit, checking in on them, seeing if a new shipment had arrived. I've stalked Net-a-Porter for weeks on end, hoping that the shorts were a part of their spring buy and waiting for them to appear in the What's New section. I've talked to the people at Curve about them, I've stared at them on Well, today was the day. They hit Net-a-Porter this morning, and I clicked "purchase" faster than you can say "perfect pink shorts" and they are officially on their way to me as I type. They're perfect, no? Perfect shade of bubblegum pink, perfect little laces that make them look a little like boardshorts, perfect supershort length. Also, it's a good thing that my hyperspeed online shopping skills are so finely honed--they sold out within an hour. xo


  1. Those are perfect. But I just don't have $225 to spend on shorts, so I found a replica at Forever 21 for like $13! I can't wait to see you rock these!

  2. i know the feeling of trying to stalk something down on the internet and those are too too cute!! would love to rock them this spring xx


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