Friday, January 28, 2011

In the Market: Seaside Escape

I'm usually not one to concede defeat, but I'll admit it: this week totaled me. I went to new business meetings. I went to project meetings. There was a snow storm. I trudged through snow. Then I splashed through toxic sludge. I went to more meetings. I worked on project after project after project. I attended work events. I had drinks with old colleagues. I went on long runs very early in the morning. I spilled hot tea all over myself in my hurry to answer a work call. I broke my favorite mug. And now, it's Friday evening, and I'm willfully trying to keep myself from plain keeling over and curling up into the fetal position until Monday. 

But! The good news is that I'm a mere hour away from a cozy glass of wine at Gottino and the rest of my weekend is filled with a housewarming cocktail party, drinks with one of my favorite foodie girls, and plans to make a delicious and comforting coq au vin. Let the weekend commence. 

In honor of the fact that what I really need right now is a good warm-weather vacation (preferably on a boat in Greece), I've culled together some of my favorite pieces perfect for a day spent on the seaside. Summer (and long weekends in Montauk) can't come fast enough. xo

1. A.P.C. shetland cardigan, $355, at
2. Eddie Borgo gold-plated spike earrings, $315, at
3. YSL cork wedge, $695, at
4. Le Mont St. Michel skirt, $245, at
5. Valextra Babila travel bag, $3,670, at
6. Selima Optique Amanda navy acetate sunglasses, $350, at
7. Rag & Bone knit sweater, $195, at
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs printed modal scarf, $180, at
9. Canal House Cooking Volume No. 5, $19.95, at


  1. I'm such a sucker for nautical clothing pieces.

  2. love the post


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