Friday, December 10, 2010

The Totally Self-Involved Anti-Gift-Guide Gift Guide (Or Stuff I Want)

In lieu of slapping together a typical categorized gift guide (which EVERYONE else is doing anyway) full of stuff for "under $20" and "perfect for your sister's husband's cousin," I decided to throw tradition to the wind and just show you exactly what I would love to get. Which, I think, is pretty effective, since I happen to have great taste in presents. It's true. Taste in presents is a niche category of taste. It's not like having excellent taste in clothes, or a good nose for wine. It's a completely separate talent with its own set of standards. Duh.

Gifts, in my opinion, should be slightly quirky but elegant, unexpected, special, a little bit odd, and most importantly, they should be objects that the recipient would never really indulge in purchasing themselves. In other words, they should essentially be charming, unnecessary little luxuries that reflect the recipient's deep-down desires and tastes. (a.k.a. don't buy her a new blow dryer, a food processor, or a vacuum cleaner, thanks.)

Here are some of the trinkets and objets d'art that I'm loving this year:

1. Rag & Bone Hampstead sheer stripe sweater, $325, at
2. James Beard's American Cookery, by James Beard, $35, at
3. Andrew Yang & The Kouklitas Proenza Schouler Look 3 doll, $1,350, at
4. Proenza Schouler PS1 pouch, $1,225, at 
5. Smythson Food for Thought journal, $73, at
6. D.L. & Co. large brass skull, $195, at
7. Pamela Love sterling silver talon ring, $300, at
8. Le Labo Jasmin 17 eau de parfum, $130, at
9. Jonathan Adler Edie lamp, $450, at
10. Lanvin faces playing cards, $85, at


  1. i want that skull!!

  2. Um, I just doubled checked the price of that doll and you were right. I can't believe it's over a thousand dollars. -.-

    Patricia Ann

  3. How funny! Essentially just did the same post!
    Great minds know the rest.

    Love love the blog (I'm a longtime reader...before milk and mode, even!)

  4. Annalee--I love those hen cards AND the acceptance letter :)

  5. does that $1,350 doll style after you, or do you style after it O.o

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