Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy for You to Lead Me

The temperatures in NYC have dropped to levels that are so cold, you can feel it in your bones and the backs of your eyeballs. It's making me want to curl up in a soft Pendleton blanket on my couch and read books for the next four months. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my schedule never really allows for very long stretches of seclusion--the holidays are here and with them come holiday shopping trips, festive parties, and a lot of last-minute dinners and meetings (it seems everyone is trying to fit everyone else in before year's end).

This is the last week of work (I almost typed "school" there--yikes) before NYC empties out a bit as everyone flies off to join their families for the holiday. I, on the other hand, am staying put this year, considering I just got back from home (which happens to be a 12-hour flight away) a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking forward to some serious down time in a slightly less hectic city, though. What are your plans for the next couple of weeks?

I'm wearing a vintage Pendleton cape, JNBY skirt, Madewell socks, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Alexander Wang bag. All pictures by Mark Iantosca.


  1. I like how you paired the Alexander Wang diego bag with a cape! I was about to get a cape/poncho from Zara, so maybe I'll consider again & pair it with my Wang duffle bag :)

    - Maria

  2. I love your pendleton cape! I am loving capes and love the toggle closures!

  3. you look absolutely fabulous. I adore the bag and the litas.
    great blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and your style :)
    Oh!!! And the food!!! mmmmmmmmmm...
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  5. I came across your blog on Shopbop : ) I love your stuff! Going to follow now

  6. Hi, I'm new to the blog! I discovered you through Shopbop's fashion insiders special. I'm so happy I did, because you are one stylish woman. I'm so in love with that cape btw. It's very unique. Pop by my blog sometime when you get a chance. I just added you to the blogroll. Hope you have a fantastic holiday!

  7. Lovely outfit! Love your blog :)


  8. You look amazing! Love your hair best!(: Of course; you look toasty under the cape! It's gorgeous!

  9. I love your shoes !

  10. you love food, and fashion, and you're from NY. oh god, i think i just discovered my new favorite blogger. <3