Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Doing it Wrong, Singing Along

Last week's unexpected fall-like weather brought on a sudden craving for the drapey knits and cozy layers I'll be wearing come late September. So, I decided to pull on this loose, romantic sweater by Kimberly Ovitz and take a walk in the park. There's almost nothing better than those exhilarating few days when the weather is slowly changing, bringing with it the inexplicable feeling that life itself can change too, that anything could happen. The changing of the seasons always refreshes me in a way and reminds me that all things are possible.

I picked up a memoir called "Spoon Fed," by Kim Severson, a food writer for the New York Times over the weekend and haven't been able to put it down. In it, Severson writes a lot about the various cooks (i.e. Edna Lewis, Ruth Reichl, Marcella Hazan, Marion Cunningham, Alice Waters) who changed her life and taught her invaluable lessons that saved her, in a way. There's a line in the book that reads, "When you wake up, you never know if the day might end up meaning everything." When I read that, I thought to myself: Wouldn't it be great to wake up every single day with that thought? With a feeling of expectancy and hope and endless possibility? This could be the day you meet your husband. This could be the day you get a life-changing job offer. This could be the day your baby is born. This could be the day you unexpectedly change someone else's life. This could be the day that means everything.

Hopefully, I can learn to hold onto that feeling regardless of the season.

All pictures by my favorite Mark Iantosca (he tried something super different with these pics--let me know what you think in the comments, por favor!). xoxoxo


  1. Hey Carol...I looooooove these pics!!! That sweater looks soooo comfy I'm jealous haha. And I agree with you 100%, I would love to wake up with that feeling every morning. I may have to pick up that book for inspiration ha.

  2. That sweater is amazing! And that book sounds very inspirational, might have to check it out ;)