Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tucker Fall 2010 Video

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a fun little commercial video shoot for Tucker. With a bunch of other gorgeous fashion girls (bloggers, editors, etc) including besties Maia Wojcik, Faran Krentcil, and Kelley Hoffman, I went to an amazing set in Long Island City that was designed to look like a beautiful old mansion, decaying slightly around the edges.

The shoot was inspired by Marie Antoinette, which was perfect for me, since the set design had to include a ridiculously decadent amount of pastries and champagne. The tables were seriously overflowing. And, of course, I was the one who had to take a big bite out of a luscious cream puff with every take, which seemed like a blessing until about 18 takes later.

In any case, the shoot was fun, the company was great, and most importantly, the clothes were gorgeous. The video is brilliant--watch it and tell me what you think! You'll also be able to see it in the backs of NYC taxis very soon. xo


  1. Oh wow its absolutely breathtaking!!!


  2. That's awesome, congrats!!!

  3. That is wonderful. I love the music and the whole feel of this.

  4. Thats amazing - so lucky you got to be a part of it - and the collection is beautiful. I love tucker and wear it all the time!


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