Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Rest of the Ride is Riding on You

I spent a hot, lazy Sunday with friends hanging around the South Street Seaport last weekend. It was a nice little preview of long summer days to come. There's nothing like a little, barely-there knit jumper when it's so hot outside that all you want to do is find a big blue pool and dive in. I love this one by Kimberly Ovitz--my friend Elizabeth said that it looked like a retro bathing suit, which was exactly the point. The cropped sweater with amazing ridiculously long arms is Kimberly Ovitz too. I clearly have a thing for her. xo

P.S. My friend Mark Iantosca took all of these pictures, which magically make me look way better than I actually ever do in real life. Check him out on his photo blog.


  1. Interesting look-does remind me of a retro bathing suit...

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