Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Your Eyes I Am Magnified

No one can take on as many personas with as much ease and seamlessness than Miss Moss. She goes from Old Hollywood queen to wild party girl to young ingenue to femme fatale and back around again and does it all remarkably convincingly. She's a true chameleon and that's one of the reasons she's so legendary--people see what they want to in her and it's all the truth in one way or another. I completely forgot about her days with super short cropped hair before I stumbled upon this Mario-Testino-shot spread on Fashion Gone Rogue. I love her platinum blond phase. Isn't it funny how some of these pictures were taken over a decade ago and they somehow still seem completely relevant and modern? C'est la Moss.

Originally published in Vogue Paris, January 2006.


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