Thursday, May 8, 2014

Favorite Things: 05.08.14

All I've been dreaming about these past couple of weeks as the sun finally makes a serious commitment to us beleaguered East Coasters is getting to a beach and lounging about with norm-core slides and mermaid hair. Here are some favorite things jettisoning my fantasy into a soon-to-be reality. Click below to purchase. xo

First row:
-Bee Yummy Skin Food: miracle cream! I've been using this all organic bee pollen cream as a night cream for a few weeks now, and it is amazing. So natural, you could literally eat it. Plus, Cara Delevigne's a loyalist, and well. Look at the girl.
-Chip Hooper, Sundown, Hurricane Point
-Lisa Marie Fernandez's swimsuits are beyond flattering. Love this sporty, stark white bikini.

Second row:
-You know, just a pic of Doutzen looking fab.
-Isabel Marant's beach tunic hoodie thing is right up my alley.
-A net bag = necessary.

Third row:
-Perfect tortoise sunglasses.
-Aforementioned mermaid hair.
-Weird but awesome slides that will make your tan feet look great.


  1. Carol, this post was perfect for my current state of mind too! I should really try that bee cream...

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