Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello, Spring!

Just a little note to say hello to spring (and to you!). I just got back to NYC late on Friday after a whirlwind week of nonstop travel, including a 3-day pitstop in LA to arrange a lovely 40-person dinner to celebrate spring for one of my favorite clients, designer Robert Rodriguez. We held it at the new Ace Hotel downtown, which was industrial and cool in the most beautiful way possible, and invited a smattering of bloggers, editors, and other such friends of the brand. Amazing time. Pics to come.

On another note, I can't quite believe that the end of April is already here. The first part of 2014 has flown by (quite literally--I've been in six different cities in the space of 3.5 months, adding up to lots of flight time). It's been crazy and fast and incredible, but I'm looking forward to a few months with no major travel plans, save for a short jaunt to New Orleans for a best friend's wedding(!), and the annual Memorial Day weekend in Montauk.

Spring is my favorite time of year--it feels like a fresh start in so many ways. The shedding of layers, the willingness to go outside for longer than 2.4 minutes, and of course, all the fresh produce cropping up. Ramps, asparagus, artichokes, wild garlic, nettles--nothing sets my little heart racing faster. So here's to the warmer months ahead, full of possibility, produce, and kitchen time. xo


  1. I've been eating artichokes like it's my job. Thank god spring has arrived!!

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