Thursday, April 10, 2014

Casablanca + Essaouira + Marrakech

Just a few snapshots from the first leg of our trip to enchanting, lovely Morocco. We had about a million pictures on my little camera by the time we got home, so editing them down was a feat to say the least. They'll have to be split up into two posts, so I'll be showing you the High Atlas mountains and Fez tomorrow.

Some highlights from the below shots: all the fishermen in Essaouira set up shop by the docks around lunchtime with their catch of the day. You can pick out what you want to eat, and they'll grill it for you right there on the street! The craftsmanship of the carved wooden pieces was incredible in Essaouira. We loved the restaurant La Licorne's sign, shaped like a unicorn. The Four Seasons Marrakech was stunning and home to two perfect little parakeets. And the blue that covered the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech was amazing.

I miss Morocco! xo


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