Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Favorite Things: 01.08.13

Happy new year, everyone! I love starting out a new year with a fresh set of goals (i.e. for 2014: learn to play the guitar, finally get my favorite Bach piece memorized on the piano, eat healthier--blah, blah, blah, and most importantly, learn to relax more and let go of my eternally results-oriented mindset. I tend to lean a bit towards the type-A perfectionist paradigm, which is no bueno for the good, old stress levels sometimes.). I also love starting out a new year with a fresh set of favorite things, as it turns out, and here they are:

1. This stuff is like Fluff but healthy. Seashore churned honey w/ medicinal properties. What.
2. A sweet little blender for all the healthy soups and salad dressings I'll be making. See above for 2014 goals. This thing won "best overall blender" in Real Simple.
3. A happy emoji single earring. Because doesn't everyone need this?
4. A very beautiful handmade knife from Spanish artisans.
5. I'm in the middle of this crazy-long book and I cannot put it down.
6. Celine-plaid-print skate decks from Stop It Right Now to hang somewhere in my apartment and pretend I'm still a California girl.