Friday, October 4, 2013

Bacon Sandwich

One of the best parts of my trip to London for the opening of EDITION Hotels a couple of weeks ago was getting to eat just about every meal at Berners Tavern, Michelin-starred chef, Jason Atherton's new restaurant located in the lobby. I've got a thing for cozy British meals, starting with a crisp fry-up of fish and chips, and ending with a big, old-fashioned Sunday roast (my favorite meal in the world). There's something about a prime rib roast with veggies and Yorkshire pudding with lots of gravy that just gets right to my heart. It reminds me of Christmas and snow and festive dinners with lots of friends and family.

But, I digress. Every meal in that very perfect restaurant (bless Jason's talented heart) was pretty spectacular, but the most epic moment of all came when I went against my better judgment and ordered the bacon sandwich one slightly hungover morning. Apparently the Brits (unlike their green-juice-obsessed American counterparts across the pond) believe wholeheartedly in bacon for breakfast. So wholeheartedly, in fact, that they serve it as a bacon sandwich composed entirely of about eight impossibly thick slices of the best bacon imaginable, served on hot, toasted sourdough bread and a side of HP sauce, which, if you haven't had yet, is hands down the best condiment in existence. Bacon and bread and brown sauce. That's it. You can order a fried egg on the side if you must (I did), but it's totally normal to eat it as it. And it is predictably AMAZING. So amazing that I decided that I wanted to recreate it at home with a bottle of HP sauce smuggled back into the States. (The next time you're in the UK, I suggest bringing the stuff back by the crateful.)

This simple bacon sandwich requires the very best thick-cut bacon you can get your hands on. Serve it piping hot on toasted sourdough bread and dip the whole thing into brown sauce between bites. Heaven. xo


  1. Living for a year in Los Angeles, my roommates were confused by my very British need for a good, bacon stuffed sandwich at weekends. However, they never tasted quite right to me; for me, instead of HP sauce a bacon sandwich would not be complete without my Mother's homemade Ripe Tomato Chutney!

  2. Come to Canada, we have HP sauce here!

  3. Let's have brunch! you can make this!

  4. This looks so yummy, Carol! Breakfast and bacon are some of my favorite things, but I've been recently taken to having homemade fruit smoothies every morning because they're quick and easy. I definitely think I'll be enjoying some delicious slices of bacon and sourdough bread this weekend though!


  5. hey friend, i miss you! so fun your sandwich. i like rustic basic nasty things that shows the wheat-crass evangelists where to stick their green juices... haha.
    when are we seeing each other again?!
    xx scarlett

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