Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It was my birthday last weekend, and even though I tend to say this every year, I think it was the best one ever. My very gracious boyfriend hosted all of our friends at his apartment for a pizza party complete with my favorite Rubirosa pies, a gorgeous vanilla birthday cake, and my favorite snacks including (but not limited to) salt and vinegar chips, pretzel M&Ms, lots of pastel-foil wrapped Easter candy, and homemade stove-top popcorn with lots of butter. And then a couple of days later, we took a road trip to the North Fork for some wine tasting and a delicious lunch at Love Lane Kitchen. AND finally, we went out to a decadent dinner at the Carlyle Hotel accompanied with a jazz performance by Woody Allen (possibly my favorite famous person of all time) and his band. I'm a lucky girl. xo

Birthday flowers from the flower district! Anemones are my favorites.

Cutest street sign on the North Fork.

Woody Allen at The Carlyle!


  1. Looks like fun!! Happy belated birthday!!

    With hearts,

  2. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was super swell (:

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