Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Home: Pic with a Tip

Last Sunday, I spent part of a lazy afternoon helping my boyfriend organize his new bookshelves. With no other rhyme or reason to follow, I inadvertently ended up arranging his books by color--black and white on top, followed by blues, reds, oranges, yellows, and the like. His library is a bit all over the place with a strong emphasis on finance and business, so there was no other way to really make sense of the collection. Also, because of the large number of books on staid, serious topics, the majority of the spines were dark and unadorned, so color-coding really helped make it look unified and elegant. Incidentally, ended up publishing a feature on color-coded bookshelves the very next day, providing me with a little extra affirmation. So here's your tip today: When in doubt with what to do with your bookshelves, arrange by color. And make sure you break things up a bit with little objet d'art, picture frames, and favorite decorative odds and ends. xo


  1. Wish have no mess in my room, maybe someday ;)

  2. I'm in search of some nice bookshelves. I need a thinner size which is proving a little harder to find.


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