Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grocery List: Maldon Sea Salt

If someone asked me which pantry items I couldn't function without, Maldon sea salt (along with good extra-virgin olive oil) would definitely be among them. When I first read about Maldon salt on GOOP, I laughed a little. "How could one, expensive type of salt be that different from your everyday container of sea salt?" I thought to myself, chalking it up to Gwyneth's infamous pickiness. But then, of course, a recipe for roast chicken I came across also specified Maldon, and so I gave in and bought a box--the very last box in all of Whole Foods Tribeca, in fact. Apparently, it was a bit more popular than I had thought possible.

Fast forward a year or so to present day, and there is rarely a day that goes by that I don't reach for that trusty box of salt. It's made in England, by a small, family-run business that operates out of the same traditional black Essex weather-board buildings as it did back in 1882. How's that for charming? These guys really do go for quality over quantity, and it shows in the clean, fresh taste of the product. You can buy it HERE. xo


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