Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ta-da! My deep gold, beyond glittery calgel nails courtesy of Valley Nails! I can't stop staring at them, I'm so enamored. And the best part was that there was maybe one minute of drying time and not a single dent, scratch, or chip to be seen. Perfect for tonight's festivities, no?

I've been thinking today and trying to take stock of what I would like to accomplish in 2011. I have a feeling it's going to be a very big, very exciting year full of change and new experiences, just like 2010 was. I have a lot to be thankful for. Here are some of the new year's resolutions I've come up with so far:
  • Learn more about art (I've enrolled in a class at NYU called Today's American and International Art Market for spring 2011)
  • Be healthier and more active (truth be told, I'd like to lose around 5 pounds, which I've gained since the summer)
  • Make my bed everyday (because it just makes me feel better to walk into an apartment with a nicely made bed in it)
  • Keep growing CA Creative into a thriving business
What are your resolutions? Hope everyone has a happy, merry, safe New Year's Eve tonight full of champagne, kisses, and sparkles. xo


  1. The glittery nails are looking fabulous!

  2. Your nails look great! Happy new years, hope your next year is amazing!

    <3 Sarah

  3. love em! i just threw on some hello kitty press on nails to celebrate the new year in!

  4. Happy New Year...good luck with your resolutions! :))

  5. find a stable job within the entertainment industry
    take an affordable yoga class and/ or kickboxing/ boxing class
    look into getting an degree (BA, BS or MS or MA)
    pay debt credit cards and dr bill
    find a good MAN!!!!

  6. 1. To stop worrying
    2. To do something meaningful.