Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'll Write You a Harmony in C

While I was rummaging around in my closet the other day, I found two ages-old things that I had just about forgotten entirely: a tiny little Chanel camera bag and a smoky grey leather Topshop jacket covered in fringes. I picked them up, looked both pieces over inspecting them closely, and suddenly, even though I haven't worn either in years, they looked brand new. It was kind of amazing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no stranger to recycling. In fact, I'm pretty good at it--in all senses of the word. I'm a firm believer in holding onto good pieces (they'll always come back into style), I always separate my papers and plastics, and I've had the (very) occasional moment of weakness (a.k.a. moments of insanity) when I thought resurrecting an ex-boyfriend was a great idea. (For the record, that one's not quite as advisable as other forms of recycling.)

The point is, if something's good enough, I'll always be willing to take it for another spin around the block. The trick is being able to tell. I think the Chanel and Topshop finds did pretty well, though, don't you think?

I'm wearing a Topshop jacket, Charlotte Ronson top, Kimberly Ovitz shorts, Club Monaco tights, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Chanel bag. All photos by Mark Iantosca. xoxo


  1. i LOVE that jacket sooo chic!!1

  2. I wish i could open up my closet and find forgotten chanel and topshop things!


  3. hi there! i just found your blog and i think it's great. that jacket is beautiful!

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  4. I'm in love with that Chanel bag!