Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When You Move I Move With You

I don't know what I'm going to do once fall really hits and I can't wear little white dresses with bare legs anymore. I got this Alexander Wang spring 10 dress at his sample sale and it's become one of my favorites--it sucks everything right in and instantly puts you in the mood for an all-night dance session.

This summer was definitely one to remember. A lot happened--my whole life changed, really. I left a job, I started a company, this blog started to take off (which made me begin cooking even more than I already had been), my love affair with Montauk reached new levels, I made lots of new friends and solidified bonds with old ones, I grew up quite a bit, and I decided that I really, really liked a boy, which, incidentally, almost never happens with me (result TBD). 

It was an awesome ride and one that I'll never forget. What happened to you this summer? (I'd like your answers in essays entitled "What I Did This Summer" in honor of back-to-school season please. Just kidding. But I'll happily read them if you want to.) xo

All pictures, as always, by the super-talented Mark Iantosca. Check out his photo blog here (I swear they're not all pictures of me).